Get Well UK Quality Statement

Get Well UK Quality Statement

Get Well UK is committed to making complementary therapies available to all sections of society in the UK. We want our patients to be confident in the service we offer.

Qualifications & Professional Associations

All the practitioners who work in clinics shown on our map are fully qualified in their field. If they are in training they will tell you this. Please ask them for more information about their qualifications and experience. On the map you can see a list of the professional organisations which the practitioners belong to. Regulation of therapists is undertaken by organisations outside our control; please ask your therapist for more information. If you want to make a complaint about your practitioner you will need to take it up with their professional association or the organisation which regulates them. It will be easiest if you ask the practitioner or a staff member/volunteer at the clinic where you had your treatment.


All practitioners are insured on a professional indemnity basis with an accredited professional insurance company. Again, please ask your therapist for more information.

How practitioners work

Complementary therapists work within the boundaries of the therapy they practice, and fully engage as a team member working with their patient. In addition, they

  • work at all times within the standards of practice of their governing body
  • meet legal requirements regarding safety, hygiene, access, public health and infection control, and any policies of the contract site
  • guarantee appropriate patient confidentiality and protect patient autonomy

Testing the quality of the map data

Get Well UK will contact all clinics listed on the map every three months to ensure information is up-to-date. We will also conduct spot checks on organisations, asking for proof that the information supplied is accurate and can be documented. As a minimum we will ask for proof of qualifications, insurance and professional body membership/regulation for all practitioners who work at the clinic.