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MYMOP (Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile) was created by Dr Charlotte Paterson, a GP from Somerset, who wanted to know, from her patients' point of view, whether their health was improving. It is a patient-generated instrument where the patient identifies and grades on a scale from 0 to 6 of their most important symptom (the reason they have been referred for treatment).

There is an option to add further symptoms; this is to be encouraged as it may be part of the patient's same problem. The patient is also asked to choose a daily living activity which symptoms one and two prevent or interfere with. Patients are also asked to score their wellbeing on the same seven-point scale (which runs from 0 for "as good as it can be" through to 6 for "as bad as it could be"). The lower the number scores the better the patient is feeling about their symptom, activity and wellbeing.

Outcomes can be assessed using the average symptom severity from the entries on the monitoring and initial MYMOP forms and the average symptom severity score from the entries on the MYMOP follow-up forms. These scores can be compared regardless of the symptom described.