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"I was a bit nervous and sceptical, but Cathy explained it all to me... I can honestly say she was great"

Arthritis sufferer Amy Patterson was a bit apprehensive when her doctor referred her to Cathy Gui, an acupuncture practitioner based in Belfast. But it turned out to be just what she needed.

"My doctor told me about the treatment because I have arthritis in my neck, back and left leg", explained Amy. "I was a bit nervous and sceptical at the beginning but I met Cathy and she explained it all to me. She was absolutely fabulous. I can honestly say she was great".

Cathy uses the art of acupuncture, a technique of inserting and manipulating filiform needles into points on the body with the aim of relieving pain for therapeutic purposes.  It is often used to relieve pain caused by arthritis. After the first session Amy noticed a big improvement straight away.  She said: "After I got the acupuncture in my back and neck I was able to walk around the stores to do my shopping, and normally I can't do that because my back was too bad. It is a lot better than any tablets I am taking, it was great.  I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about trying it, the only thing is they stopped it on the NHS ".

"You only get so many weeks of treatment and while I was on it, it was absolutely wonderful".

Amy was so impressed by the treatment she would definitely go again if it was offered. "I would really be interested if it came back", she said.  "I take 11 tablets in the morning, four in the evening and four at bedtime.  I also take two painkillers in the morning and I take two painkillers at 9 o'clock, but those painkillers don't do anything that the acupuncture does".

For Amy acupuncture was a "miracle". She said: "When I was getting the acupuncture I felt great.  For me, Cathy was a miracle worker.  "I know it was the acupuncture but she was very, very good at it and she explained it all to me.  We got on great and I got on great after it was done.  I'm just sorry it ended".