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"It has been wonderful... I can honestly say now that it has definitely done me good"

James Hutton suffered from severe headaches and when his doctor recommended trying complementary therapies he jumped at the chance. "Doctor Marshall recommended it because I was taking terrible, terrible headaches", he said. "I had every confidence in trying the treatment because my doctor could see how much pain I was in and knew what she was doing. She knew I was taking lots and lots of tablets and they weren't doing me any good".

James went to see acupuncturist Cathy Gui and said the treatment was wonderful. "Cathy Gui knew exactly what she was doing," he said. "It has been wonderful. What I thought was giving me headaches was eating chocolate, crisps and dairy produce, and she told me to just stop taking all that. Cathy told me if I ever have a headache to do certain things with my hand, in my pressure points.  I do that and the headaches aren't as bad as they used to be".

At first James didn't notice any difference in his headaches but Cathy told him to be patient and by the end of the treatments his pain has lessened. He said: "After I came out of my first treatment I still had headaches. I did six treatments and for the first three or four treatments there was no difference and I told her that. Cathy told me to tell her the truth as we went along and I did that. I can honestly say now that it has definitely done me good.  Although the headaches haven't gone away completely they are certainly not as bad as they used to be".

Converted, James would recommend Cathy to anyone suffering headaches. "Cathy just knew exactly what she was doing.  People who administer that have to know what they are doing and every question I threw at her she was able to give me a first class answer. She was just unbelievably brilliant, I have to say that.  I told her that".