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"My hip is the best it has ever been, in fact I have no pain at all"

When May Cooke's back completely went leaving her unable to walk, her GP referred her to osteopath Maeve McGowan. Plagued by severe back pain May was at her wits end and after going shopping her back gave out. She said: "I had discs removed years ago and always had a bit of back trouble. Then in July last year I was standing in Marks & Spencer and my back, in my own words, felt as if it had gone. I couldn’t walk. I ended up at the GP and he asked if I would mind going to Get Well, and I said to him I would go anywhere".

Referred to Maeve, May felt she got exactly what she needed. "I am very glad I did because I got exactly what I needed, it was wonderful", she said. "Maeve was very gentle in the type of treatment that she did. She did a lot of massage treatments and manipulation". May was also having hip pain and asked Maeve if she could help. "I was in so much pain with my hip and Maeve worked wonderfully with that", said May. "She gave me acupuncture twice and always was at the pressure point in the lower part of my back, and she would use her hand to work in the other places, in round the groin, and the areas that were sore. She was more than good with everything she did".

May is now telling all her friends about complementary therapies. "I would definitely recommend it", she said. "I have been talking about it to lots of people about how good it was. There was a lot of gentleness and a lot of hard work as well. I just felt the gentleness and the manipulation and the time she gave me, all that meant so much to me.  My hip is the best it has ever been, in fact I have no pain in my hip at all".