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practitioner stories from N Ireland

16 practitioners worked with Get Well UK for the N Ireland project. You can read about some of our practitioners and their thoughts about complementary therapies and the Get Well UK pilot project by clicking on their names below:


Alicia Ferguson, aromatherapist

"The aromatherapy oils I use and the gentle massage help to deal with many of the emotional things that come up for them while they are going through treatments"

Cathy Gui, acupuncturist

"Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years and people say they use it to prevent problems and to treat problems"

Helen Worthington, chiropractor

"I think combined with general medicine, and other complementary medicines as well, patients will benefit much more from chiropractic"

Kapil Puri, aromatherapist

"Aromatherapy is a therapy using essential oils which work well for various ailments and mental health problems..."

Maeve McGowan, osteopath

"You have to look at everything, you have to look at a patient’s nutrition, their diet, their work space, and you really do a whole package for one person.  We treat the whole body"

Pamela McKibbon, homeopath

"Homeopaths will look at a person as a complete entity… it deals with you as a person as a whole"

Patricia Wassall, homeopath

"Each individual should choose how they want to maintain their health... people should have the right to decide if they want to take chemicals... or actually take something to support them"

Sharon Campbell, acupuncturist

"Acupuncture is very good for the general maintenance of the body... it is also very good for manipulating hormones which can be used for a lot of female disorders"