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patient experience podcast

To help GPs across the N. Ireland understand more about the therapies and what they have to offer, a CD was distributed to them all. Aparently this is the marketing method of choice by the pharmaecutical companies at the moment - encourage the GP to listen to the CD while driving.... it was worth a go.

Broadcast journalist Boni Sones, spoke to four patients, a GP who has referred her patients and their practitioners to find out how the Get Well UK programme was improving their health. You can listen to this 26 minute audio documentary in full using the audio player below - the full Pathways To Health story or in parts with each one lasting 4-7 minutes. 

Part 1. Dr. Rosemary Small GP


Part 2. Patient Audrey with acupuncturist Sharon Campbell

Part 3. Patient Michelle with aromatherapist Kapil Puri

Part 4. Patient Mary with homeopath Ken Mayne

Part 5. Patient John with osteopath Maeve McGowan

Part 1.mp3 3.16MB