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To ensure the confidence of referring GPs, and the best outcomes for patients we always recruit the highest calibre of practitioners to work in Get Well UK's services.

The Get Well UK recruitment process has two stages; a written application and a face-to-face interview.

All practitioners must demonstrate the following:

Furthermore practitioners must pass our six point test to demonstrate their suitability to treat NHS patients. Practitioners must:

Practitioners will also be required to complete simple auditing forms at the beginning and end of a course of treatment, to ensure that we can measure the outcomes of the service. Practitioners are also required to attend monthly clinical supervision meetings. As well as fees for practice (which vary according to the funder, we will always try and secure you suitable fees), £1.50 will be put into a CPD fund, retrievable at the end of each year. We will arrange Clinical Meetings in which practitioners can meet GPs, nurses and other colleagues. All practitioners are self employed and we pay monthly on receipt of an invoice detailing all the work completed, which is cross-checked with our records.