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“Most certainly, I would recommend [acupuncture] to others. I had a very open mind about it. The treatment I’ve had from [Get Well UK] has definitely justified my lack of scepticism. It has been the best pain relief…. acupuncture seems to be the most powerful treatment.”

Norman PalmerNorman is 67 years old and has chronic severe back pain. About 4 years ago, he had a back operation. At first he was fine, but a few months after the surgery he fell heavily and injured his lower back. He has been in considerable and constant pain ever since, and his movement is also restricted because of the pain.

Norman attends the Whittington Hospital for cancer treatment, and it was an anaesthetist there that first suggested he try acupuncture for his back pain. But, there was a long waiting list at the hospital. Then his GP told him that acupuncture through Get Well UK was just about to start at the surgery. Norman was very grateful to be able to have acupuncture so close to home because the journey to the hospital was “a drag” and because he didn’t have to wait for it.

First of all, Norman had 12 weekly sessions, and he is now half way through a further 6-week top up course.

The first treatment “was absolutely great” he said,adding “The acupuncturist is marvellous, first rate. Sheexplained everything as she was going along, so nothing caught me by surprise. She explained about what possible side effects there could be, of which I’ve had none really. And it has definitely been a help, a considerable help.”

Norman finds that his back feels great after a treatment. And, while his hip is marginally more painful after the treatment, it then eases up considerably too. He finds that he gets a period of pain relief that he has not experienced with any other treatment. On completion of his initial 12-week course, he had relief for quite a few weeks.

Of the treatments, he said: “The main benefit to meis the pain relief. I’ve had physiotherapy and all sorts of other treatments. The thing that’s given me more pain relief, which is my main requirement, is acupuncture. It’s also improved my mobility. My lack of mobility is due to pain.”

When asked how he found the service, Norman described them as “excellent, literally faultless”.

He concluded: “There’s not one thing that I can criticise.Communication is good, appointments are kept, the treatment itself is explained fully in advance so that you know what’s coming, what to expect, and the results are superb. I cannot think of anyway you can improve on the service. I am completely happy. It’s been absolutely spot on. If it could be a long-term thing, I’d be the first to welcome it.”

The acupuncturist reported that pain was reduced by 50-60% after the course and that movement was improved.