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Get Well UK recruits practitioners (12 for Haringey, 9 for Islington) from the local area served by each contract, thus generating work for complementary practitioners with their own communities. Practitioners are self-employed, and for the initial pilot project (sold for half price) agreed to work for £20/treatment. Following this the rate of pay (£28/treatment) has been roughly equal to income from local private practice, once room hire has been subtracted. The most popular practitioners (osteopathy and acupuncture) earn up to £1200/month. One practitioner on each contract also takes on the paid organisational role of ‘lead practitioner’. Practitioners say they value the challenge of treating patients with different presenting problems from those they encounter in private practice; access to this kind of work has often previously been voluntary.

Get Well UK allocates £1.50 from every treatment provided for Continuing Professional Development purposes; practitioners are able to access this provided they complete all paperwork requirements and attend the monthly supervision sessions provided. These sessions with clinical supervisor Cabby Laffy are designed to maintain the health of all involved, and to encourage learning and reflection. During the Haringey pilot contract supervision was optional and attendance somewhat patchy; it was made compulsory for the Islington contract and all subsequent contracts. Attendance has been 75%.