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location, location, location

Spanner Films allowed us to rent a desk in their office at a staggeringly reasonable rate. Thanks for putting up with our fledgling outfit, the endless cups of Rooibos tea, and the encouragement. We miss the piano but have installed a guitar in our new smaller office.

For the longer-term solution we looked at all kinds of serviced offices (the nicest ones were in Shaftesbury Avenue - but, what were we thinking?) We looked at all different kinds of office solutions, with a view that the time spent faffing around with computers, phones, and broken photocopiers is really not time well spent, and being in an environment where these services are shared can only be beneficial.

We thought that a building in Islington with some like-minded social change type people would come off, but that fell through in December. A moment of inspiration led to asking Women & Health to take part in a mutually beneficial arrangement. They had a garage which was underused, except as a fire escape. The idea of us renovating the space in exchange for rent seemed like a great one and it means that when we leave and they have raised the money for additional staff, they will have a ready-made office to situate them.

Raymond, Franny, Josh, and Boo undertook some serious work over two weeks at Christmas 2003. We managed to put in a new ceiling, cement the floor, fix the walls, fix and add to the electrics, install central heating and hot water, new sinks and more. It was a real life-changing-rooms experience. Huge thanks to them, and also to Victoria and Neil for the carpet tiles (saved us £1000) and the idea of painting a wall with blackboard paint for use in meetings and presentations (it's so good and works for projecting onto as well- highly recommended), Lady Armstrong for the sofas and desk, and Lev for the guitar, microwave, and toaster.

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