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“I’m much better now. I got three days of pain relief [after the acupuncture] to start with. Now I get relief from Monday to Sunday.”

Paul CumboPaul is 66 years old and has osteoarthritis. He has had constant knee and back pain for the past 5 years, which has affected his mobility.

An occupational therapist from the Mobile Repair Service in Islington told him about Get Well UK when visiting him at his home. Paul then asked his GP to refer him for acupuncture. When asked how he found accessing the service, he said “it has been easy, I didn’t have to wait long, about two weeks”.

Paul explained that he had had acupuncture before but couldn’t afford it anymore. He has had a total of seven acupuncture treatments for his back and knee pain with Get Well UK.

Of the first treatment, Paul said it “was fantastic, really, really good….very nice people….really good….they made me feel so welcome”.

Paul found that the treatment gave him “pain relief” and helped him “move about better”, and that the staff were lovely and the service “really good”.

He said “I have improved”, adding that the treatments “make the pain in my leg and back easier….it was at 6 and now it’s at 4”.

He also found it helpful to have the service so close to home.

“When you finish you feel tired, so it’s good that it's near”, he explained.

The acupuncturist reported that the patient said his knee was 70% better and his back pain 50-60% improved after the treatment, and recommended more treatments because of the chronic nature of his problem.