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contracts and clients

Get Well UK has been designed to fit the modern NHS and be an ideal provider of seriveces, which is able to be responsive to the needs of patients and health professionals alike.

I knew from experience that decision makers within the NHS tend to have over-flowing in-trays, and work loads that are close to impossible to manage. I also know that these people are generally highly committed, both to getting their jobs done and to the founding ethos of the NHS.

Knowing that 50% of GPs are making referrals to complementary therapy and that 75% of the public want these therapies to be available through the NHS, it is easy to believe that a commissioner would want to provide the services, especially if it did not create even more work.

Our approach has been to provide solutions, rather than problems. To that end, we have researched thoroughly what PCTs, patients and others want for the NHS, and are hoping to supply a service which is patient-centred, increases patient choice, is managed electronically and offers value for money.

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