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award winning Get Well UK

Boo reached the final five in the Courvoisier Future 500 contest 2008, a group who are "passionate, well-versed in their subject and very eloquent."  

 Get Well UK was awarded a special prize, Integrated Health Futures Award: recognising innovation to improve health in the Awards for Good Practice in Integrated Healthcare 2005.

Boo Armstrong receives the award from Prince Charles, January 2006

The judges commented "Get Well UK represents an exciting indication of where integrated healthcare might go in the future. The visit confirmed the robustness of the model and the high level of satisfaction with the service given, from the point of view of a therapist, GPs and the practice manager. The judges were also extremely impressed with your social entrepreneurship and political astuteness."

The award recognised the work of our pilot projects in Haringey and Islington, London, in creating new ways of delivering health care through a non-profit social enterprise. Professor Peters and colleagues analysed the results from GPs in Islington who referred patients to our service.

GP partners at The Amwell Practice in South Islington, who housed the scheme, stated, "It is hard to imagine a better model than the one developed by Get Well UK"

the judges

Dr. John Briffa, Health writer - The Observer
Harry Cayton, Patient Czar
Niall Dickson, Chief Executive, Kings Fund
Dr. Michael Dixon, Chairman of the NHS Alliance; FIH Trustee
Simon Fielding, Chair of Regulatory Advisory Group, FIH; FIH Trustee
Kim Lavely, Chief Executive
Peter Mackereth, Complementary Health Lead, Christie Hospital NHS Trust, Manchester; 2003 Award winner
Professor David Peters, School of Integrated Health, University of Westminster; FIH Trustee
Dr Peter Smith, Vice-President of the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC)
Caroline White, Chair, Guild of Health Writers; Freelance Medical Journalist

outstanding contribution to community

CAM Magazine presented Get Well UK with the 2006 CAM Award - Outstanding Contribution to the Community. Simon Martin, Editor of CAM Magazine said "Congratulations and thanks for the work you are doing for complementary and alternative medicine." 13/12/2005