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Alexander technique

The Alexander Technique enables you to discover whether you are thinking and acting in ways that are causing you harm and also to learn to do the things you want to do better.

What happens at a session?

Lessons help you to become more aware of balance, posture and co-ordination in everyday activities. Most of us without realising it work harder than we need to in everything we do, and therefore pull ourselves out of shape. This is inefficient and can give rise to a wide range of common ailments. If you discover that your learned way is harmful and cease to use that way, the associated symptoms may be alleviated or even go away.

It is important to remember that the Alexander Technique is not a therapy or a counselling therapy. Practitioners of the Alexander Technique are not therapists, they are teachers. By learning not to continue causing problems, your improvement is in your own hands and not someone else’s.

Essentially, learning the Alexander Technique is life-enhancing. The development of better poise and balance also means that you can respond to problems more rationally and make decisions more calmly. You learn to be more conscious in everything you do, whether at work, in everyday activities such as driving or cooking, or in sport or the performing arts.

What will happen when I see an Alexander teacher?

Lessons are usually on a one-to-one basis and last approximately 30 to 40 minutes. The optimum frequency of lessons is weekly - to keep the impetus going and provide time in between lessons to apply what is being learnt - but lessons may initially be more frequent. Group classes may also be available.

Generally people have 20 to 40 lessons or more and the benefits start accruing immediately.

As the Technique is about everyday activities, no special clothing is necessary. Sometimes women find they prefer to wear trousers rather than a skirt. A teacher may request that shoes be removed but otherwise the person remains fully clothed.

What precautions should I take?

If you are having treatment for a medical problem it is a good idea to mention it to the teacher when first making contact.