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our projects

Get Well Camden is a consortium of providers of complementary therapies who are committed to making these therapies available to more people in the borough through public funding. Camden has the biggest divide between rich and poor in the whole of the UK. We also have many complementary practitioners who through their private practice are helping many of the Borough’s wealthier residents to look after and maintain their health. Unfortunately people with less money and more pressures on the finances they do have can not access this care. We are trying to work with the people in the borough who are responsible for spending our public money on healthcare and working with them to open up access to all people in the Borough.

The government in Northern Ireland has been progressive and brave and demonstrated their commitment to creating a fair society. The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS) conducted a one year pilot integrating complementary therapies into primary care in Belfast and Derry. 700+ patients were treated during the pilot and extensive data was collected about the effectiveness of the treatments, the impact on other health services and on the patient themselves. Feedback from practitioners working on the scheme will contribute to the future of integrated healthcare.

The Islington NDC (New Deal for Communities) project commissioned Get Well UK to run a service for them, following the success of the Haringey NDC project. We worked closely with GPs at four surgeries who decided what therapies they wanted and how they wanted them to be made available. As well as a great team of practitioners, patients health improving significantly we also learnt that GPs workloads are reduced by integrating new primary care colleagues and that having a practice manager who is flexible and helpful is one of the best assets you can have on a project like this.

Haringey's The Bridge NDC is one of the 39 NDC areas in England with funding to help the community improve health, housing, education and community safety. The project started from a community development basis, with local people involved in the decision making across the project. When asked what health services they wanted, many said complementary therapies, so Get Well UK was commissioned to integrate a range of the therapies into the new Primary Care centre at The Laurels on St Ann’s Road, Tottenham.