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annual report

This review was written by Polly McLean, a non-executive director of Get Well UK, and covers the period April 2004 to March 2005.

During this period Get Well UK delivered pilot projects in Haringey (132 patients) and Islington. This review draws on an audit by Professor Nicola Robinson (Thames Valley University) of the 58 Haringey patients who completed a ‘Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile’ (MYMOP) and had 12 or more treatments. The Islington project ran until July 2005, so the Islington data drawn on is of an interim and internal nature. 

We are aware that Get Well UK’s work cannot be fully measured by its financial bottom line. This review is the beginning of a process to evaluate the company’s impact on all its stakeholders: patients, referring GPs, practitioners, staff and those who have supported the company’s development in other ways. In the future we hope to conduct a more systematic social audit of Get Well UK.

  • Patients
    The most important people and the reason for our work.
  • GPs
    40 GPs from Haringey and 20 from Islington have referred patients to Get Well UK.
  • Practitioners
    Our practitioners are dedicated, enthusiastic and coping with new challenges working with NHS patients.
  • Staff
    Valuable lessons learnt.
  • Funders and other supporters
    We couldn’t have done it without such generous in-kind and financial support.