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“ I remember looking forward to getting to the [osteopathy] sessions and the work done there because I was looking forward to the relief that I know I was experiencing from having the treatment.”

Fifty-year-old Mark has Scheuermann’s disease, a problem that leads to deformity of the spine. This leaves him with chronic pain and restricted movement in his upper back and neck. Mark thought manipulation might help relieve the tension and the pain that comes with his condition. His GP mentioned that he could have osteopathy through Get Well UK, so he asked to be referred.

So far, he has had five osteopathy treatments and has now asked to be referred for more. He found that he experienced a lot less pain than normal during the time he was having the osteopathy. Mark had the treatments once a fortnight and found that the beneficial effects seemed to last from one treatment to the next, or at least for one and a half weeks.

“The joyous thing about having pain relief in my case is a lesson in itself. Scheuermann’s disease hurts”, he said. However, once the treatments stopped, the pain and stiffness came back. ….“I don’t feel any better for having had the treatment, but during the treatment I felt there was some benefit. I seemed to get better movement as well as pain relief.” This didn’t surprise him. “The condition can’t be cured, except with surgery and I don’t want to go down that road”, he explained. Both he and his osteopath think that ongoing treatment would be beneficial for him.

The osteopath also reported that he had a reduction in symptoms and a new awareness of underlying problems surrounding his condition after the course finished.