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our staff

Boo Armstrong Managing Director

  • was the director of Women & Health, an award-winning integrated health project in North London
  • raised more than £1m for charity
  • developed a UK-wide knowledge management project for telephone help lines across the UK
  • sold contracts for complementary and alternative medicine to primary care trusts and social services
  • created London's most eco-friendly, disabled accessible health centre (solar panels, water harvesting, low energy, non-toxic...)

Zoe Horton Customer Services Administrator

  • has spent several years working in the corporate sector and now focuses her time and energy on complementary therapies
  • is a qualified holistic massage therapist

Oz Ablett Information & Communications

  • has spent eight years in the corporate sector, and two in the public sector
  • seven years communications and information management experience
  • created new corporate intranet and knowledge management portal for major blue-chip company

Cabby Laffy Clinical Supervisor

  • has developed a model of supervision specific to the needs of complementary medicine practitioners working in the community
  • has 8 years of experience supervising multi-disciplinary groups of complementary medicine practitioners
  • is the clinical supervisor in several health-based projects in North London
  • is an accredited psychotherapist, psychosexual therapist and group facilitator
  • has worked for 14 years with groups, individuals and couples
  • has 20 years experience and home study of complementary medicine