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what is Bloom-Systems?

We know how hard can be to manage the diaries of your practitioners, your patients and your treatment rooms...

Get Well UK is developing Bloom-Systems, a bespoke software solution to take the headache out of your administration.

Simple to use and friendly to look at, Bloom-Systems will provide online administration and management tools, helping you work faster and more easily, stopping errors like double-booking rooms or practitioners, and giving you more time with your patients.

Each practitioner will be able to manage their own appointments and reporting too, and if you book in a new appointment their diary gets filled and an email sent automatically.  This is just one simple feature of Bloom-Systems, designed to let you concentrate on seeing your patients, and be confident that at the end of the month you will have an accurate record of everything that has happened in your clinic.

Bloom-Systems will be usable anywhere, anytime – whether you’re at home, at a clinic, in a hospice or anywhere else you work.  Everywhere you work, every time you log in, you will have the same access to the same data and the same patient details – at no extra cost.  All you'll need is a broadband Internet connection (and your Bloom-Systems Audit Forms and Pen if you’re using them).