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about the Bloom-Systems project teams

Bloom-Systems is a dynamic platform for the integrated health sector. We have been lucky enough to work with groups of very committed people.  We’d like to take this opportunity to name and thank them.

We are developing the Bloom-Systems audit pen and forms project with Women & Health, a local charity which is also deeply committed to increasing access to effective healthcare. Gillian Hall (Company Secretary) and Elizabeth Rawson (Treasurer) are involved in the partnership.


The IT system itself has been built by Q Media Stream, whose clients have included the Glastonbury Festival website. Q Media Stream are responsible for the development and hosting for the Glastonbury music festival website, and as around 112,000 tickets are sold every year, at a cost of about £160 per person – that’s nearly £18m, we were pretty confident they could manage our traffic and security.

The lead architect and developer for Bloom-Systems is Leon Jollans.

developing Bloom-Systems interactive audit pen and forms

The digital audit pen and interactive audit forms have been put together by Data Driven Logistics (DDL). DDL has a list of private and public sector customers including household names such as DHLMarks & Spencer, Tesco, TNT and Ford.  In January this year, they were short-listed as a finalist in the Business Innovation category of the British Business Awards.  They were also nominated winner of ICT Excellence Product Award and Entrepreneur of the Year 2007.

We’ve been working with Kevin Taylor, Chris Turner and their teams on the implementation of the audit pens and how they work with the audit forms.

overseeing the project

Overseeing the principles and practice of the MYMOP audit project are an amazing group of people.  As well as Gill and Liz from Women & Health we have advice and guidance from:

Dr Charlotte Paterson: Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Health & Social Care Research at the Peninsula Medical School, who developed the MYMOP tool itself.

Helen Barnet: acupuncturist, trained pharmacist, author of the Which? Guide to Complementary Therapies, and associate editor of the BMJ's DTB (Drug & Therapies Bulletin), Helen used MYMOPs in a research project investigating the use of acupuncture in supporting people to come off benzodiazepines.

Josephine O’Gorman: homeopath, former Programme Manager at Waltham Forest PCT in East London and currently Senior Lecturer in the Department of Health Development at Greenwich University, Josephine has used MYMOPs extensively in primary care, in community projects, and has trained people in the use and application of them.

Dr Janine Leach: naturopath and osteopath, Janine has used MYMOPs to evaluate naturopathy. She is a trustee of the Research Council for Complementary Medicine, a board member of the National Council for Osteopathic Research and a Senior Research Fellow in Osteopathy at the University of Brighton.