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annual review

This review of the first period of Get Well UK is a point of reflection for the people involved, an acknolwedgement of the work and contribution that many people have made, and a record for anyone interested in the development of an idea of how to grow a social enterprise.

It is from my perspective, because I had the notion to create Get Well UK, and have pulled together all the component parts. Therefore it is less conventional than your average annual report.

There are 7 major aspects to the year that has gone by and each one has a section (for more efficient reading). Enjoy and do comment to [email protected]. Thanks, Boo Armstrong. April 2004.

  1. The Business Plan

    Why we wrote it, who helped, what it achieved, is it still valid, has it changed...

  2. Financing and Structures

    How we established the business, why I was deluded into thinking that profits were for pockets, and what caused the change to make Get Well UK a not-for-profit organisation.

  3. Design

    How we got our corporate design, what it means, and how to get a trade mark.

  4. Contracts and Clients

    Our services have been designed for the modern NHS - this section tells you a bit more about it.

  5. IT Systems

    Do not go crazy and design a mega-system when you do not know what you need. Find out more, and about our lucky break.

  6. Location, Location, Location

    Where we have been and how grateful we are to people who have a supportive and helpful attitude.

  7. The people in the organization

    Human resources, how we treat people and how we aim to co-operate rather than compete.