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patient stories from Northern Ireland

Over 700 patients received complementary therapies ranging from acupuncture to osteopathy through the Northern Ireland pilot project.

You can read about some of our patients and their experience of complementary therapies by clicking on their names below:

Amy had acupuncture for arthritis

"I was a bit nervous and sceptical, but Cathy explained it all to me... I can honestly say she was great"

Geoff had aromatherapy and reflexology for stress

"I was trying not to live on tablets and I wanted an alternative. The treatment was excellent and Kapil [my practitioner] was very, very good"

Leanne had chiropractic for back problems

"There was some gentle treatment, with light touches to the lower back. So it was both sets of treatment and some massage as well"


May had osteopathy for hip pain

"My hip is the best it has ever been, in fact I have no pain at all"


Sarah had chiropractic for shoulder and arm pain

"Chiropractic really helped my problem.  I would definitely recommend it to other people"


James had acupuncture for headaches

""It has been wonderful... I can honestly say now that it has definitely done me good".



William had acupuncture for back pain

"I suffer from continuous back pain and so I received acupuncture, which I thought was brilliant, it was very effective"